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Montgomery County PA Retractable Awnings, Decks and Patios

There is great news for homeowners throughout Pennsylvania especially for those homeowners living in Montgomery County PA who are considering Retractable Awnings, Decks and Patios for their homes.

Summer is prime time for many home construction projects, especially those related to outdoor living. Paul Construction, one of the top companies specializing in decks, patios, outdoor kitchens and other related projects has announced a major expansion into the Montgomery County PA area. The company is known for its unique custom decks and patios featuring artistic staircases, and elevations along with artfully designed components unique to the industry. For more information about Paul Construction and Awning see the following.

Paul Construction LLC was founded by Architect, Designer and Builder, Paul J. Salassa. The company is the leading contractor for many outstanding home improvement projects in and around Montgomery PA. The company specializes in unique decks, patios, retractable awnings as well as post and beam additions, gazebos, sunrooms and outdoor kitchens.

The Company’s goal is to continue to grow their business by exposing homeowners throughout Pennsylvania to the unique possibilities offered by one of the state’s top construction firms. Paul Construction and Awning Company is a leader in deck and patio design, retractable awnings and home additions.Their goal is to continue growing the business and further enhance its reputation by helping their customers add more value to their homes by making their homes more spectacular and enjoyable one home at a time.

Paul Construction and Awning Company is proud of its 20 plus year record of accomplishments in designing and building custom decks and other outdoor structures throughout Montgomery County. Paul keeps his company on the cutting edge of design and is the first to jump on the latest imaginative trends and building techniques.

The unique concepts he develops and adapts for every new project assures you that your new deck, sunroom or patio project will always represent an updated approach to design. that will never be date, instead It will be sure to add to the appeal and value of your home.

His award winning approach to design will be appreciated for ages by homeowners throughout Montgomery County and will help fulfill his mission of improving the functionality and appeal of your Montgomery County PA home with each new custom-built deck, patio, hot tub, gazebo, outdoor kitchen and retractable awning he installs at your home.

As an extra incentive and as a way to inspire interest in our company, every online customer is offered a Special Offer Coupon – an online discount for any of our services rendered from Paul Construction and Awning Company.. To qualify, you are asked to complete the form located on our website, along with your email.

The company’s focus for the foreseeable future will continue to be on improving homes throughout the county.

We service the Montgomery County areas below for retractable awnings;Awning

Abington, Douglass, East Norriton, Franconia, Hatfield ,Limerick,
Lower Frederick, Lower Gwynedd, Lower Merion, Lower Moreland,
Lower Pottsgrove, Lower Providence, Lower Salford and Marlborough PA.

Montgomery, New Hanover, Perkiomen, Salford, Skippack, Springfield,
Towamencin, Upper Dublin, Upper Frederick, Upper Gwynedd,
Upper Hanover, Upper Merion, Upper Moreland, Upper Pottsgrove,
Upper Providence, Upper Salford, West Norriton, West Pottsgrove,
Whitpain, and Worcester PA.

To those who are not familiar with our company, here is a rundown of Paul Construction Company’s award winning capabilities:

Custom Decks

Decks have come a long way during the last decade. They are no longer basic flat wood surfaces with limited eye appeal and definition that was once standard in most backyards. The decks that Paul Construction and Awnings create today are architecturally interesting and functional. Unique stairways, shapes and decorative surfaces are made from exotic woods and man made decking materials that are impervious to rot and insects.

A well built deck from Paul Construction will add eye appeal while extending your outdoor living space and increasing your home’s street appeal and value. Your family will appreciate the variable uses today’s decks offer.

Paul’s Custom decks featuring outdoor kitchens with attractive and functional built-in appliances are becoming increasingly popular. Some homeowners are adding entertainment areas complete with stadium style seating, where friends and and families gather in front of huge flat screen TVs. Other stylish decks include focal points such as fire pits or outdoor fireplaces. Paul Construction can design an outdoor space that you will enjoy to the max. Our design team will work closely with you to create a custom deck to suit your lifestyle.

Custom Patios

Patios were once unimaginative dull flat concrete slabs surface that sat outside your back door. For the most part, they were not particularly inviting and barely functional. That was then: today Patios from Paul combine various elements, media and mixtures of materials and textures that are anything but bland and ordinary. Shapes can be matched to the contours of your land then combined with imaginative landscape designs that will make your backyard the talk of the neighborhood. Paul Construction builds every patio to withstand the harsh weather we often experience in Pennsylvania.We don’t cut corners on the marerialsusedIttakes the best productsavailable to withstand our cruel winters. Our preference is to reduce our profit margins instead of cutting back on the quality of the materials we use. That strategy has paid off for us over the years and left us with hundreds of satisfied customers. We invite you to join the club.


awningRetractable Awnings

Retractable awnings were a natural progression for Paul Construction Company & Awnings. That’s why we selected Sunesta awnings.Their high quality standards and overall reputation made them the natural choice for us.

The most beautiful decks and patios during the full afternoon sun can be incredibly uncomfortable when the sun is directly overhead. An outdoor gathering can be unbearable . What a waste of a fine deck. But wait, there is an easy solution.
Paul Construction and Awning Company can install Sunesta Awnings that will fill your deck with comfortable shade that can be as much as 20 degrees cooler than a full sun deck. With your new awnings you can enjoy the breeze without the sun.  Paul is the 4th largest Sunesta installer in the country. We can help you design an awning system that will make your outdoor entertainment areas usable even on the hottest days. We can also help you select the best awning fabrics and patterns that will add much to your home’s appearance and value.

Here in Montgomery County PA, Retractable Awnings, Decks and Patios by Paul Construction are making a huge impact on homes in the following PA townships:

Abington, Douglass, East Norriton, Franconia, Hatfield ,Limerick,
Lower Frederick, Lower Gwynedd, Lower Merion, Lower Moreland,
Lower Pottsgrove, Lower Providence, Lower Salford and Marlborough PA.

Montgomery, New Hanover, Perkiomen, Salford, Skippack, Springfield,
Towamencin, Upper Dublin, Upper Frederick, Upper Gwynedd,
Upper Hanover, Upper Merion, Upper Moreland, Upper Pottsgrove,
Upper Providence, Upper Salford, West Norriton, West Pottsgrove,
Whitpain, and Worcester PA.

More Reasons to Add Sunesta Retractable Awnings To Your Homeretractable awnings pa

The obvious reason for installing top quality Sunesta awnings is to shield yourself from the heat of the sun, but the danger from the sun’s harmful UV rays poses an even more serious threat. You can extend the time you spend on your deck by extending your awnings during peak sun periods, then retracting them when the sun starts setting thus allowing comfortable shade to cool your outdoor space. The optional`remote control device allows you to open and retract your awnings from the comfort of your chair.

Incidentally, that shade can also help cool the inside of your home and reduce your air conditioning costs. The right combination of awnings, fabrics and designs can work wonders.. Think of your patio or deck with awnings as an economical alternative to adding a permanent sunroom.

You can control whether you have sun or shade on your custom deck or patio space with retractable Sunesta Awnings. Three distinct versions can guarantee a perfect awning size for your home. There is no better time to have your Sunesta awnings installed than now. Call Paul Construction and Awning today at 610-287-1623.

Select the right awnings from the three Sunesta styles available:
The Sunesta Retractable – at 14’, the largest of the three. The Sunesta retractable awning features automatic arm alignment and a 15-year warranty.
The Sunstyle, an 11.5 ft. retractable with 12 yr. Warranty. Designed for medium sized decks
The Sunlight features a 10 ft projection and 10 yr warranty

Along with the ability to choose between shade or sun whenever you like, there are many other benefits to installing Sunesta retractable awnings on your outdoor deck or patio. While permanent sunroom additions can provide shade, shelter and comfort, the cost of installing retractable awnings is much less than adding an actual room to your home.

Post and Beam Additions

Similar to tried and true pole barn construction, Pole Construction and Awning offers creative alternatives to homeowners who are interested in unique additions or detached buildings on their property. The Post and Beam framing method opens the door to affordable methods of constructions that will provide more space at less cost for entertaining or for raising a growing family. Design capabilities are many and costs are less than conventional construction. See examples on our web site.

Talk to our design team about the possibilities available when you choose a post and beam addition.
Often the addition of a gazebo is the finishing touch to deck or patio that can make that space extra special.- a quiet refuge in the garden or situated in a back corner of your lot.

Paul Construction LLC should be your builder when constructing your custom gazebo. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Using your gazebo as an entertainment center or a romantic dinner on a beautiful summer evening. Paul Construction can help you create a romantic hideaway where you can relax and enjoy life in your private gazebo.


A Sunroom is the perfect space to sit and gather your thoughts or simply to catch your breath after a busy day at work or your in the garden. Paul construction knows how to put it all together when he blends a new subspace onto your home. All the elements must be considered, the position of the sun, the landscape and the architectural style of the home before a single board is cut and the first nail driven, When your sunroom is complete, you will wonder how you lived without one and you will thank us for our thoughtful rendition.

Our design and build capabilities go far beyond sunrooms. The Paul Construction and Awning Company offers a complete range of construction projects.

That’s what we do on our campaign to beautify the hopes of all who live in Montgomery Township
Outdoor Kitchens

Amenities such as outdoor kitchens are growing more popular each season. The days of simple charcoal grills are giving way to outdoor kitchens with electric or gas ranges, refrigerators, grills and work tables are going mainstream. Paul Construction can build a space and outfit it with all necessary components. The perfect setup for families who spend every available moment outdoors.Just because you love to spend your time outdoors doesn’t mean you have to live like a caveman.

What sets Paul Construction Co. apart from the others? Our three point promise tells the story:

Our 3 Point Promise

Satisfaction Guarantee: Our certified installers and master carpenters are the best in skill, attitude and workmanship. They will complete your project in a timely manner and respect your privacy and the sanctity of your home and property. They will exercise good manners. They will take full responsibility for your complete satisfaction. When your project is completed we will guarantee that they have performed in accordance with these high expectations and that your satisfaction will be 100% guaranteed.

Investment Guarantee: Our investment guarantee is that you will find we provide the best value and economy for the highest quality of materials available. You will have peace of mind knowing that you have received the best value for your monetary investment. You will not find a better value.

Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee: We guarantee our materials for the manufacturer’s warranty and a lifetime warranty on workmanship. We feel so strongly about the high quality of our workmanship that we extend this guarantee to give you the security you deserve.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, fill out the request on our web site about retractable awnings, decks and patios.

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